Brooks Automation Cluster Tool, Z-Bot and Orbitron


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The Brooks Automation Marathon System and Vacuum Transport Systems (VTS) are SEMI / MESC compatible for use as Cluster Tool Integration Platforms. These systems provide wafer transport between multiple Process Modules in high vacuum environments.

The Brooks Automation Vacuum Transport System (VTS) provides the basic wafer handling functions and add vacuum and venting, pneumatic and power distribution, and system controls.

The Marathon and Vacuum Transport Systems provide all the wafer handling capabilities. Required to transfer wafers into the ultra clean, high vacuum environment within the Cluster Tool and to transport wafers among the Process Modules. The high-vacuum environment within the Cluster Tool is maintained by the Transport Module in conjuction with the Cassette Module(s) and Process Modules connected to the chamber.

The central chambers are available in 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 - sided versions. The naming convention for the tools is taken from the number of facets on the chamber and the maximum wafer size. The first digit in the part number indicates the number of the facets. The "hundred" series accommodates 3 in, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm wafers. The "thousand" series accommodates 200mm and 300mm wafers. No significant mechanical or structural modifications are required to reconfigure the system in the field to accommodate wafer size changes.

To provide convenient access and to minimize facility floor space requirements, the Marathon and Vacuum Transport Systems package all components into one unit, the Transport Module. The modules associated with the system can be assembled in wide variety of combinations to meet the users needs. They can also be reconfigured as those needs change.

The Marathon System is made up of SEMI / MESC compatible modules and several functional subsystems. The systems are designed for easy of use, maintenance and repair. The subsystems are modular in design to allow ease of maintenance and to minimize Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

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