Refurbished and reconditioned robots and controllers - assessment and QA


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We submit each used robot through several critical levels of assessment and QA:

Validation of operation:

Please, send us a problem report, so we can evalute. Before starting any work we run each robot system through a battery of tests for in-depth assessment of its current system performance. We thoroughly test the complete operation of the controller and mechanical unit to identify any current or potential problems. Robots then undergo a series of tests designed to pinpoint any excessive play in axes, brake slippage or repeatability issues. Finally, a QA test program, which exercises the robot through its entire range of motion, is run.


We disassemble the unit as needed, examine it for any missing, broken or damaged parts and QA parts for signs of wear, crashes. We evaluate each cable for wear or insulation cracks and analyze lubricants for breakdown and foreign materials. All potential and existing problems are itemized, and robots are recommended for basic repairs.


We begin by purging grease/ oil cavities. Based on the analysis of lubricants and worn parts, we replace lubricants according to factory specifications, then recondition all robot and controllers by removing and cleaning all boards, replacing belts and tuning the system. Repairs are also made at this time.


Each part of the disassembled robot will be thoroughly cleaned and oiled. All high-speed bearings, seals and any part that shows sign of wear will be replaced. The used robot will be reassembled according to factory specifications and QA tested with pick and place with silicon wafers. Next, robot controllers face thorough inspection.

Final testing:

To ensure the repaired or rebuilt robot adheres to the factory-mandated standards of operation and your specific performance needs, we again run the robot and controller through a battery of exercises to monitor its entire range of motion, as well test repeatability at various intervals throughout the exercises.

Software parameters files:

When applicable we send back system parameter files to be downloaded into the customers system.

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